About two years ago Georg and Arno met up after a concert with their other Band-projects, with the idea to try out some stuff Georg is producing on computers. He was looking for a deeper male voice and this might match with Arno. And it did.

With tons of fun on experiments they eventually found happiness in the style of a music genre they always were in love with. The so-called dark wave elektropop music, for which Depeche Mode are the gods and in which massive of band-projects are walking on the same path with generations of passionate fans.

Georg and Arno never asked themselves whether this world needs another dark wave project like this and whether time is still right for that. They just produced with fun and a common energy until it finally came to a real project which wants to get released.

So there you go with an intimate insight at the very beginning of a newly launched artist-profile for you to see what will happen to it.

They’ve chosen THE JUGGLER as their debut single because it’s fitting the most as a first sign for new artists, from which each of them can look back on a 25-years-career of experiences as professional musicians.